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All about dubizzle Ratings and Reviews Feature


All about dubizzle’s Ratings and Reviews Feature

From electronics to clothing and accessories, dubizzle has made online buying and selling easier than it ever was. With each new update, we intend to make our platform better and more efficient for all. To add more value and enhance trust and credibility, we have introduced an all-new ratings and reviews feature. It's simple yet highly effective.

Let’s see what this new feature has to offer and how our users can benefit from it.


Who Can Leave Ratings and Reviews on dubizzle


Those buying and selling from dubizzle in the classifieds, community, property and motors categories (excluding car dealers and property agents) can now leave reviews and ratings for each other. In the motors category, users can rate private sellers based on their experience.

This simple feature helps other users identify genuine and trustworthy buyers and sellers on our platform. 

Simply put, sellers with products listed for sale on dubizzle can leave ratings for their preferred buyers, and buyers can leave ratings and reviews based on their experience with the seller. A steady flow of positive reviews helps build the trust and creditworthiness of buyers and sellers. It also helps other interested users make a decision.


How to Rate and Write Reviews on dubizzle


The process is simple and barely takes a few seconds. Anyone can select the star ratings and leave reviews on the platform. However, verified accounts get higher visibility. If you aren't verified on dubizzle yet, verify your account to enjoy a number of benefits, including higher ad placement, priority support, and more. 

User ratings are displayed next to the buyer’s and seller’s name. Moreover, those inquiring about a product via the chat option can also leave reviews. 

Naturally, buyers and sellers with more ratings and reviews will be more visible on the platform.

Reviews and ratings can also be done anonymously.


Benefits of the dubizzle Ratings and Reviews Feature


dubizzle ratings and review feature enhances the credibility of the platform 

  1. Enhances trust and creditworthiness of the platform 
  2. Increases visibility and transparency 
  3. Positive reviews and ratings help build trust and credibility between buyers and sellers
  4. Positive reviews and ratings by buyers for sellers help other interested buyers make a purchase decision
  5. Sellers with more star ratings and positive reviews have better sales
  6. Reviews help potential customers to understand the users better before making a purchase 
  7. Buyers or sellers with poor reviews can work on rectifying their offerings

Replies to Ratings & Reviews

We've introduced a new reply feature that allows users to respond to ratings and reviews. It's available for buyers and sellers in the classifieds, community, and motor categories. After rating a product or service, users can select the reply option on their public profiles. Once the reply is moderated and approved, it will be visible. 

Positive replies, along with good ratings and reviews, motivate buyers to make purchases. 

Additionally, replies from sellers to users help build customer trust, support, and increase ratings and sales. 

That is all you need to know about dubizzle ratings and reviews feature. E-commerce platforms are the new marketplaces and valuable features like ratings and reviews help make dubizzle a smarter and safer platform for all.

Stay tuned to learn more about various new features on dubizzle making online buying and selling convenient and safe.

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