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What am I not allowed to sell on dubizzle?

While dubizzle allows you to list a wide range of items, safeguarding our community is a top priority for us.

For the full list of our prohibited items, you can refer to the table below. Selling these would lead to an Account Ban as per company policies. Please note these Ads are not eligible for Refunds.


Selling/ Buying Database

IPTV Subscriptions

Selling Visas and official paperwork

Genuine Stuffed Animals

Animal Skins Or Leather Hide

Selling Government Monuments

Shisha, Cigarettes, Vape And Electronic Cigarettes (iQOS)

Gold Mining Equipment

Multiple Accounts posting the same ads.

Gambling / Betting Money


Multiple ads of Mover Services In Classifieds from different or the same account

Asking For Donations

Car Lift / Car Sharing Services

Enlargement Pills & Indecent Items

Breeding Or Mating Animals/ Stud

Credit Card For Sale

Abortion Services

Buying / Selling Skywards / Miles

Human Skeleton

Healing Magic Services

Online Money Making/ Networking (Forex And Cryptocurrency)

For Free and paid Ads Promoting A Competitor Through Chat Or Ads

Personal Massage Services / Indecent Services /

Nuru Massage + All Home Service Massage

Crypto Nft / Money Exchange

Selling Rolex Cards Without The Watch

Ssd Solutions 

Counterfeit Money
Money Laundering Services

Injectables / Alcohol Products / All Medicines(Including supplements)

Selling Food

Offering Indecent Services Or Indecent Products

Mobile Numbers For Sale

Pet For Sale Ads - (If Someone Asking Any Kind Of Fee Vaccination/Passport Fee Etc. )

Includes Exotic pets and breeds

Offering Marriage Services - Looking For A Wife

Or A Girlfriend

VPN For Sale

Selling Company Shares Is Not Allowed / Any

Financial Sales Specially Government Entities

Selling A Friend Or A Family Member As A Joke

Hacking Services And Jail-Breaking Of Gaming Consoles And Mobile Phones

Brass Knuckle, Pepper spray, Knives (not kitchen),

Nunchucks, Bow & Arrow, Pellet Rifles, Guns,


Education certificates / Any Kind Of Degree Without an Exam

Radar Detector/ Spy Camera (Camera Pens Or Glasses)

Ivory Made Items

Etisalat & Du Products/Services (Receivers, Plans, Routers, etc.)

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