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Can I edit my rejected Ad?

Managing Ads on dubizzle

To efficiently navigate dubizzle, it's important to understand how to edit and manage your ads. Here's a simplified guide to help you get started.

1. Editing Ads:


- Live Ads:

  • Log in to
  • Go to "My Ads".

Select the ad you want to modify and click on "Edit."

Edit Ad 1.PNG

- Remove photos with the "Cancel" button, and add new ones using "Add pictures."

Edit Ad 2.PNG

- The main product cannot be changed or swapped for another product.

For Motors category - the details about the car and engine (KMs, etc) cannot be changed once the ad has been posted.

- Submit changes for re-moderation.


- Rejected Ads:

- You can find the edit option only if the ad was rejected due to being Misleading.

- Under "My Ads" > "Rejected", select and edit the ad.

Edit Ad 3.PNG

- Correct any misleading details and resubmit.


Note: When editing Motors Category ads, certain details like Km, price, etc., cannot be changed.


By following these steps, you can improve your dubizzle ads, making them more appealing and impactful for potential buyers.

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