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What is Ad Featuring?

1. What is a Featured Ad?

A Featured Ad on dubizzle is a paid advertising option that gives your listing more visibility compared to regular ads. When you feature your ad, it appears at the top of relevant search results and categories, increasing its exposure to potential buyers or clients and generating more engagement and inquiries.


2. How do they work?

  • Featured Ad Placement: Featured Ads on dubizzle are strategically positioned to stand out from regular listings.
  • Increased Visibility: These ads appear near the top of search results, following "Premium Ads," making them more likely to catch the eye of potential buyers.
  • Cost Factor: While they provide enhanced visibility, Featured Ads typically involve a nominal cost, and pricing varies based on the chosen package.
  • Varied Packages: dubizzle offers different Featured Ad packages, allowing you to choose one that suits your specific needs and budget.
  • Consideration and Comparison: It's important to review the available packages and benefits on the website to determine the most suitable Featured Ad option for your listing.

3. How much exposure will I get?

The visibility of your ad on dubizzle is influenced by factors like category, competition, listing quality, and premium options:

  • Regular Listings: Basic ads are visible in relevant search results but may get less attention over time.
  • Featured Listings: Featured Ads are prominently displayed at the top of search results and categories, attracting more views.
  • Competition: Less competition can naturally boost visibility, while crowded categories benefit from Featured Ads.
  • Quality Matters: Well-written descriptions and quality images make your ad more appealing.
  • Keyword Relevance: Use relevant keywords to match user searches and improve visibility.
  • Duration: Premium options determine how long your ad remains prominently placed.


Remember, ad success also depends on the ad's quality and relevance to potential buyers or clients.


4. How long will my listing remain featured?

The duration your listing remains featured on dubizzle depends on the package you choose when featuring your ad. Packages typically offer durations of 3, 7, 14 days, or more. During this time, your listing enjoys enhanced visibility. Once the package expires, your ad returns to regular placement. To keep it featured, you can renew the package or select a new one.


5. How do I buy Featured Ads?

To purchase Featured Ads on dubizzle, follow these simplified steps:


For New Ads:

 - Enter ad details and proceed to the payment section.

 - You'll see options for "Featured" and other add-ons.

 - Select "Featured", choose a duration, and finalize your payment which now includes the Featured ad cost.


For Existing Ads:

 - Log in to your dubizzle account.

 - Under "My Ads", select "Get More Views" for the desired ad.

 - Opt for the "Featured" option, pick the duration, and complete the payment.

 - Your live ad will then be featured.

Both new and existing ads can be upgraded to Featured status for better visibility.


6. Is there a limit on how many Featured Ads I can buy?

There is no set limit on the number of Featured Ads that can be purchased on dubizzle. 

You are welcome to feature as many of your dubizzle ads as needed to boost visibility across all your important listings.


7. How do I know which listings are featured?

Go to your My Ads page and look for the "Featured" tag shown on the listing thumbnail. This indicates if it is currently featured.


8. Does my listing have to be Verified by dubizzle to feature it?

No, you can choose to feature any of your live listings. We do recommend however to verify your listing too if it falls under our verification criteria to attract even more interest with property seekers!


9. Can I select an ad to Promote and Feature at the same time?

No, you cannot select an ad to be both Promoted and Featured simultaneously on dubizzle.

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