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Why can't I find my job ad on dubizzle?

Here is how to find job ads on the dashboard:

- Go to the Jobs dashboard, click on the three dots corresponding to the job you want to view

- Click on View job and view on dubizzle.


If you are searching directly on dubizzle, there are a few possible reasons why you may be unable to find your posted job ad:

  1. It was incorrectly categorized into an unrelated field during posting. Make sure you selected the appropriate job category.
  2. The title or keywords used do not accurately reflect the actual role. Use the exact title you used while posting your ad.
  3. You inadvertently posted the ad in the wrong city. Double-check the location.
  4. The job listing has expired or been deactivated. You can check the status on the Jobs dashboard. Expired or deactivated ads cannot be restored.
  5. If it's due to a technical glitch preventing visibility, please contact dubizzle jobs support at
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