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How does dubizzle verify agents or brokers on property listings?

dubizzle follows a strict verification process to ensure that only RERA-certified property agents or brokers are allowed to post listings for sale on the platform. RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) certification is a requirement set by many government bodies, including the Government of Dubai, to regulate the real estate industry and provide transparency and protection to buyers and sellers.


Here's how dubizzle verifies agents or brokers posting property listings:


1. RERA Certification: dubizzle requires property agents or brokers to have a valid RERA certification. RERA certification is issued to real estate professionals who have met the necessary criteria and qualifications set by the regulatory authority.

2. Document Submission: Agents or brokers who want to list properties on dubizzle must submit their RERA certification and other relevant documents for verification.

3. Verification Process: dubizzle's team reviews the submitted documents to ensure they are genuine and up-to-date. The team cross-references the RERA certification with the official database maintained by the regulatory authority to confirm validity.

4. Approval Process: Once the documents are verified, and the RERA certification is confirmed, the agent or broker is approved to list properties on dubizzle's platform.

5. Ongoing Compliance: dubizzle continuously monitors the validity of RERA certifications and any updates or changes to an agent's or broker's status. If an agent's certification expires or is revoked, their listings may be removed from the platform.


By implementing this verification process, dubizzle aims to maintain the credibility and integrity of its property listings and provide users with accurate and trustworthy information. This process helps potential buyers and renters identify genuine and authorized professionals when searching for properties on the platform.


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