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How much does it cost to place an ad?

Most ads on dubizzle are free. Currently, there are five (5) sections where we charge to place an ad which is in:

1)The Property for Sale section. It will cost you 249 AED per ad to post in this section and your ad will be live on the site for 2 months with the refresh facility, meaning, you can push your ad to the top list every after seven days. After the last refresh date, your ad will still be live for another 2 months. This may vary from city to city.

2) Property For Rent (Agents only): You will start with a free package of 5 daily listings with 1 free daily credit, if you wish to have packages are available online. 

3) Property For Rent (Landlord only): Each ad will cost you 249 AED per ad. You can place as many rental property ads as a landlord at any given time. And as an added value your listing will be automatically refreshed 8 times over the month, to move it to the top of its section.

4) Rooms for Rent (Flatmates): Each ad will cost you 69 AED as an added value, your ad will be live on the site for 30 days unless you decide to delete it sooner and will get 3 refreshes within the first 10 days from date posted.

5)Used Cars for sale: Classic Package costs 199 AED. (Prices vary depending on the package you choose)

6) Jobs: It will cost you 199 AED per ad (If you need more than one ad you can email )