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Why do I have to pay to list a car ad?

For dubizzle to maintain the largest and best marketplace for car lovers in the UAE we upgraded the motors section to create even more value for our sellers, and introduced an all-new automatic refresh feature, which enables you to get 3 automatic refreshes for your ad (in the first 10 days).

    Here are the facts that make dubizzle the best place to sell your car in the UAE:

  •      40,000+ visitors browsing dubizzle motors daily
  •      25,000+ inquiries daily
  •      Average car ad gets 600 views
  •      Average car on dubizzle sells in 2 weeks

In order to keep innovating and making dubizzle more valuable to our users we need to keep investing in the platform. We introduced a fee of AED199 in December 2014 to accomplish this. This fee is less than 1% of the average sales price of a car sold on dubizzle and is significantly less than the loss in value or commission charged when selling via a dealer. Everybody wins!