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How do I watch over an ad?

To watch over an ad, we suggest that you add it to your Watchlist. The Watchlist allows you to book mark ads you are interested on dubizzle. When you add an item to your watch-list, a link to that ad will remain in your Watchlist until the ad expires or is removed.

Here's how to add an ad on your Watchlist:

To add an item on your Watchlist, just click on "Watch this" button that can be found on each and every ad.

A notification will prompt you to confirm that it was added on your watchlist.

Here's how to manage your Watchlist:

  • Make sure you are logged into your account on dubizzle. 
  • Go to your account page by clicking on your "Account" link on the top right of the page, above “Place an Ad”. 

  • Select My Watchlist Searches 

  • From this page you can delete any of your saved Watchlist on dubizzle.

However, we do not currently have the functionality to alert you when an ad in your watchlist has been updated, changed or deleted.