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FAQs | Moving Services

FAQs | dubizzle home moving with mrUsta



dubizzle partnered with mrUsta’s home moving services to help connect users with top rated home movers in the UAE.


Our partners

mrUsta is an online marketplace that connects customers to trusted services providers efficiently, in a transparent and convenient way.


Our partners’ working hours

The official working hours are Saturday to Thursday, 9AM – 9PM.



Does dubizzle & mrUsta share customer personal information with any third parties?

Customer email addresses or phone numbers are kept secure within both organizations.



Are the movers provided  licensed?

All moving companies on mrUsta are required to provide their commercial registration (trade license). In addition, the movers are also pre-vetted by their team for quality control.

Do the movers provided through this service cost more than others?

Our rates are comparable to what a customer would get from a licensed service provider outside the platform. However, through our services, the customer can benefit from the peace of mind that the movers have been pre-vetted for quality and from being able to see reviews of the movers from previous customers.

How does the customer know if the moving company is any good?

Customers are asked and encouraged to leave ratings and reviews of moving companies they have used which can help current customers on deciding which moving company to go with.

How do customers see the profiles and ratings of the moving companies?

Once a customer receives an email with the quotes, they can click on the moving company’s name; they will then be redirected to the moving company’s profile/ratings page on the mrUsta website.

How long will it take to get quotes?

Once the job details are received from dubizzle, a member of mrUsta’s team will contact the customer within one working day (or the same day if sent during working hours) to confirm the details of the request. Once verified, the customer will receive their quotes within 24 hours.

How many quotes will a customer get?

The customer will get up to three competitive quotes for their moving service; the customer may request additional quotes if they are not satisfied with what they received.

Where can the customer see the quotes from the moving companies?

An email will be sent to the customer with all quotes from the various moving companies once the request details are verified by mrUsta.

If a customer has a technical question regarding their moving request, who do they get in touch with?

Customers can directly get in touch with our partners at mrUsta. The customer can reach them on 800-USTA from 9AM to 9PM, Saturday through Thursday, or email us at

How do customers pay for their moving service?

The customer pays the moving company directly when their move is complete. They may be required to put a deposit prior to the move.

Is there a warranty or guarantee for the moving service?

Our partners at mrUsta are an online platform that make it easy for customers to connect to movers and therefore cannot legally provide a warranty or guarantee for the job, if, for example, some damage is done to their furniture or some items are lost along the way. However, mrUsta will support the customer in any way they can to resolve any issues that may arise with the moving company.

How can a customer assign their moving service to a company?

The customer will receive an email with all quotes from the moving companies. If they are satisfied with a quote, they simply click on the ‘Accept Offer’ button in the email to hire the mover.

If a customer has a complaint regarding the moving company or service, who do they contact?

The customer should get in touch with our partners at mrUsta directly by calling 800-USTA from 9AM to 9PM, Saturday through Thursday, or by email at mrUsta take customer complaints very seriously and will try to resolve any outstanding complaints as soon as possible.