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dubizzle Ad Posting Rules

In order to enhance the browsing experience for buyers on dubizzle and to help them connect faster with listers, kindly avoid the following issues when posting an ad. 



Placing an ad in the wrong category eg. Property for Rent ad placed in Property for Sale category, mobile phone in Mobile Accessories, car for sale in Classifieds, etc.


Placing the same ad in more than one category or placing the same ad more than once in the same category.


Placing the same ad through multiple accounts.


Placing an ad that contains offensive, addictive or offer illegal products or services, eg. Radar Detector/ Spy Camera, Shisha, cigarettes, vape and electronic cigarettes.
Adding mobile numbers to images & Ad Title are prohibited along with multiple items being advertised in single ad.

Changing the Car or a Property in an already posted ad is Prohibited.

Illegal Items

Placing an ad for an illegal product or service, eg. selling pets.

Misleading / Invalid Price

Wrong mobile number on an ad, missing digits, numbers such as 11111, 000000, 999999, non-UAE mobile number, Incorrect Price (e.g. 123456, 111, 222 or 999), posting an ad without photos.

Multiple listings in a single ad

Posting more than one item in a single ad, eg. posting more than one room in one Rooms for Rent ad, more than one car in a single car ad, more than one mobile phone in a single mobile ad.