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How can I improve responses and interactions as both a buyer and seller on dubizzle?

Improving responses and interactions on dubizzle is essential for both buyers and sellers. Here are some tips:


For Buyers:

  1. If you've messaged a seller but haven't received a response, be patient. Sellers may be busy or have missed your message.
  2. Politely follow up with a seller if you haven't heard back. They may have overlooked your initial message.
  3. If a seller doesn't respond, continue your search. There are many other sellers on dubizzle offering similar items.

Note: Due to our privacy policies, we can't disclose user contact information or contact them on your behalf.


For Sellers:

  1. Monitor your ad's performance in the "View Insights" section. It provides insights into how your ad compares to similar listings.View insights.PNG
  2. Use insights to improve your ad. Add more photos, complete missing details and adjust your price if needed.
  3. Build a good seller rating by replying promptly to inquiries.
  4. Consider featuring or using premium options for 7 days to triple your ad's visibility.
  5. Ensure your contact information is correct so interested buyers can reach you easily.
  6. Post your ad in the most relevant category and city.
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