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QualityAssist (Pre-purchase car inspections)

Pre-Purchase Car Inspections by dubizzle cars


What does your car inspection service include?

We currently offer two types of inspections, a standard inspection, and an advanced inspection. The standard inspection covers 120 points and can be done anywhere, whereas the advanced inspection covers 240 points and can only be done at a service center. 

Which inspections do you recommend?

It really all depends on the car. A standard inspection can be good enough for newer cars with lower mileage that look like they have been taken care of. Cars with higher mileage and visible wear and tear and/or damage are recommended to go through an advanced inspection. In most cases, the standard inspection will provide enough information on whether to buy the car or simply walk away. If you’re ever unsure, you can always opt for the advanced inspection to be on the safe side.

Do you inspect supercars and classic vehicles?

Our inspection services are currently limited to mainstream vehicles only. Considering the complexity and packaging found on a certain niche makes, we recommend that you refer to the authorized dealership.

How much does the inspection cost?

For a standard inspection we charge AED 299 (+5% VAT) and for advanced inspections, we charge AED 499 (+5% VAT).

Can you inspect an imported vehicle?

Yes. We inspect imported vehicles so long as they are in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Sharjah.

Does my car have to be registered to be inspected?

No. Since standard inspections can be done anywhere, we can go to the car and inspect it on site. However, if you wish to have an advanced inspection carried out, you can arrange to have it transported to one of our inspection center locations. We can also take care of that for you for an additional AED250 (+5% VAT) charge.

Where are your inspection services conducted?

In Dubai, we are fully mobile for standard inspections and can travel to the seller's location. Sometimes for advanced inspections, we are required for the seller to bring the car to one of our equipped and insured inspection centers. In Abu Dhabi, we are present at the Muroor in Mishref. However, we can also inspect vehicles that are registered in other emirates as well.

How do I pay for the inspection services?

You can book your appointment online or visit one of our branches and pay for the service via cash or a credit or debit card.

How does the inspection service work?

Once you submit a request for inspection along with your details and the vehicle details, we will contact the seller of the vehicle and schedule for the inspection. Upon confirmation and payment, we will send you a detailed report after the inspection is complete within minutes.

How reliable are these inspections?

We uphold professionalism in all our services and inspection is conducted by highly skilled and experienced technicians using qualified equipment. As a buyer, you will receive a detailed condition report based on the inspection you requested. The report will provide a summary of the areas that need attention (if any), based on which you can make an informed decision to either buy the car, negotiate the price (based on the cost of repairs needed) or simply walk away from a bad car. Please keep in mind that our inspection only presents an idea about the car in its current and past condition and therefore cannot guarantee that the car will have no issues in the future.  

What is included in the inspection report?

The report is a summary of the inspection and will include details derived from the mechanical, electrical, paint and underbody condition, on-board diagnostic checks, along with pictures that document any damages or areas that need attention.

What if the inspection reveals hidden problems in the vehicle?

You can assess the costs of repair and decide whether or not to go ahead with the purchase or use that as negotiation leverage.

Does your inspection service include an assessment of the car value?

No, we do not offer a price valuation at the moment but our report can give you an understanding of the scope of repair work required to bring the car condition up to par, therefore allowing you to negotiate the price better.

What if the car seller refuses to have the vehicle inspected?

Our professionals are often successful in convincing the car sellers of the benefits of having their vehicles inspected. However, if the seller refuses, you can either request a refund or identify another vehicle that can be inspected.

What if the car that I want to be inspected has already been sold?

You can either request a refund or identify another vehicle that can be inspected. We can also help you with finding another one. Call us on 04-506 2888 and ask about BuyerAssist.

What if I am dissatisfied with your inspection service?

We’re proud to say that we have helped thousands of customers buy cars over the years. In the unlikely event that our services did not meet what we promised, we will offer to re-inspect the vehicle or refund your money.


For car sellers

What if I’m too busy to drop-off/pick-up the vehicle?

If the buyer chooses the standard inspection, we are fully mobile so can come to you!

How long does the inspection process take?

The inspection process takes up to 2 hours to complete and the report is shared with the buyer within minutes of completion.

Do I have to pay anything for this service?

No, the buyer pays for the service so you do not have to pay for anything.

Why should I allow you to inspect my vehicle?

A serious buyer is entitled to inspect their next potential car to make sure they know what they are buying. As people trust dubizzle cars in helping them with this process, you can expect nothing short of excellent services from our team of professional experts. A request for a car inspection shows the seriousness of a buyer and a dubizzle cars inspection gives your car more credibility.  

What happens if my car gets damaged during the inspection process?

Our services are conducted by experienced professionals who handle every car with utmost care in a fully equipped and insured facility. However, in the unlikely event that your car gets damaged while under our service, we will handle any reports and insurance claims.

My car is unregistered, can you still inspect it?

Yes, we can inspect it. However, it will have to be towed because it is illegal to drive an unregistered car. The buyer will be charged an additional charge of AED250 (+5% VAT), which covers a return trip within Dubai.

What happens if I am uncomfortable with someone else driving my car?

Although our drivers are experienced and careful, we understand if you are uncomfortable with someone else driving your vehicle and can arrange for your vehicle to be towed for an additional charge of AED250 (+5% VAT), which covers a return trip within Dubai.

Can I object to having an inspection done to my car?

Yes, you can decline the inspection service. However, this might not help your sales because most buyers prefer to purchase vehicles that have been inspected. Refusing to have your car inspected might raise suspicions on the condition of your vehicle. We can also try to make the inspection process more convenient by picking up and dropping off the vehicle and inspecting it with minimal interruptions to your schedule.

Do I get a copy of the report?

We only issue one copy of the inspection report to the buyer. You can either request a separate inspection on your own or liaise with the buyer to get a copy of their inspection report.


General contact information

I have a question that was not addressed here, who do I ask?

Please drop us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call us on 04 506 2888 and one of our customer care agents will be happy to assist. Our call center working hours are Saturday to Thursday from 9 AM to 8 PM.