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Featured Ads FAQs




Eager to generate more interest on your listings? Increase your exposure by 5X and attract additional leads with Featured Ads; dubizzle Property’s new value added service.

Now you can ensure your best listings stay prominent on dubizzle by securing the hottest spots on our property search results pages, meaning higher click through rates and up to 3X more leads for your ads!


What is a Featured Ad?

Featured Ads appear as the first 5 slots in the list for a community search, directly under the Promoted Ad spots. They have a ‘Featured’ listing badge on the top left of the image thumbnail.


How do they work?

Featured Ads run using the same algorithm as our Promoted Ads product, meaning you’ll gain visibility according to the search results on a share of voice basis. These 5 spots will be equally shared based on demand; our smart algorithm with pick and share listings so that everyone who opts in gets an equal share of voice.


How much exposure will I get?

In Q2 2018 there were over 1.2 million leads generated on dubizzle within the property section*.

The higher you rank on the search pages, the higher your chance of receiving quality leads, fast! Featuring your key listings here can get you up to 3 times more leads and 5 times more exposure.

*Excluding rooms for rent data.


How long will my listing remain featured for?

Your Featured Ad will stay in one of the fixed featured spots for 7 days, and rotate on a share of voice basis. To choose or swap the ad you’re featuring, simply login and use your Property dashboard.


How does this impact my Promoted Ads?

Promoted Ads run completely separately to Featured Ads, so you don’t need to worry about any impact here. Your promoted ad and featured ad credits are purchased individually through your account manager.


How much are Featured Ads?

Featured Ads start from as little as 149AED! Speak to your account manager to find out more about our packages for Featured Ads.


How do I buy Featured Ads?

Speak to your account manager today to purchase Featured Ads.


Is there a limit on how many Featured Ads I can buy?

No. We have a variety of package sizes to suit everyone! Simply speak to your Account Manager so we can set you up with the right number of Featured Ads per month.


How do I know which listings are featured?

You’ll be able to see your Featured Ads in the Property dashboard, the same way you manage any Promoted Ads you have. You can use the options here to select your Featured Ads.


Does my listing have to be Verified by dubizzle to feature it?

No, you can choose to feature any of your live listings. We do recommend however to verify your listing too if it falls under our verification criteria to attract even more interest with property seekers!


What about Promoted Ads?

Promoted Ads are unaffected by the new Featured Ads product.


Can I select an ad to Promote and Feature at the same time?

Yes, of course! If you wish to get maximum exposure for your hottest listings, why not feature AND promote it, that way it’ll be visible in the top spot in the page much more frequently, increasing your click-through rate and leads more than ever.


What about my other listings?

Don’t worry, all regular listings and refreshes remain unchanged.


* Note: Featuring your ad gives it more exposure, however for best results remember that the overall performance of an ad is subject to quality of the listing & price of property.