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Property duplication policy

You want quick results when posting on dubizzle. We want that for you too! In order to make this happen, here are our recommendations.

  • Do not post duplicate ads in one or multiple categories, as they are a source of frustration for our user community. If you’re unsure of which category to use, try searching to find out where others have put similar ads. If you post the same ad in multiple categories, they may be removed from dubizzle.
  • It’s not about quantity but quality. So focus on creating quality ads for that inventory you want to move off the shelf. Remember, we serve as your property showcase – if a user sees multiple same or similar looking properties from you, they will deem you as a suspicious agency to deal with and you will not reel in the quality leads you want.
  • If you have several units of the same layout in a particular building, we suggest you make note of that in the title and description instead of creating multiple property ads for it. (Does not apply for rooms for rent)

Please note:  

  • When we delete a duplicate property ad that belongs to you, you lose a credit. Hence, to avoid wastage, make sure you use your credits for your unique properties and simply refresh the ones you want to promote.
  • In order to get all agents the most leads, we reserve the right to remove ads that hinder the user experience and the chances of agents who are using the site fairly.

If you need further assistance, you may always contact our support team by visiting


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