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dubizzle Ad Posting Rules

Change of product or service


Please note that changing your product or service within the same ad will result in the rejection of your ad. 
You will also not be eligible for a refund.
If you want to sell another product or service, please post another ad.

Having multiple listings in a single ad; Keep a single item to a single ad. It can be extremely confusing for any buyer if your ad shows multiple items in the same ad. If you have more than one item to sell, try our bulk packages and save up to 30% on listings. 



This will result in the rejection of your ad. You will also not be eligible for a refund

We want you to have the best experience as a seller on dubizzle, by connecting with the right buyers and selling your ''items'' fast by following our list of Dos and Don'ts below:

  • Make sure your items are not Miscategorised: When buyers are looking for an item to buy, they want to find it where they searched, not in another category. Placing your ad in the right category will attract the right buyers.

E.g. DON’T put a car ad in the property or classifieds section or vice versa.


  • There’s no need for Spam: We’re not big fans of repetitive ads and neither are buyers. Put that time and effort into creating a single great ad that captures everyone’s attention. One good ad is all you need. Multiple accounts are also not allowed. To protect the experience on the app, these Ads are non-refundable.




  • Make sure you're not doing anything to risk getting your account banned; Once you post an ad, it’s NOT ALLOWED to change the details of the item/service being advertised, so please be very careful before you hit that ‘submit’ button



  • Don’t advertise Illegal items/services; We like to keep things in order and stay on the right side of the law and we’d like you to do the same. Remember, dubizzle is available for all, let’s keep it that way. To protect the experience on the app, these Ads are non-refundable. 

For a full list of what we don’t allow to be listed, see below:   

  1. Guns (includes air-soft, pellet, and flare)
  2. Knives (Kitchen ones are fine)
  3. Selling animals (As per UAE law, you can only sell an animal if you have a license)
  4. Addictive substances (include nicotine-based products, vapes, electronic smoking devices, shishas, etc.)
  5. Selling produce of any kind, this includes meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. 
  6. Offering services that are prohibited by UAE law



  • Having Misleading/Invalid information in your ad; You wouldn’t like it if you saw an item at a great price only to be told that’s the deposit price. Put the right price and information in your ad. However, we understand that you might have made a mistake, and missed a number here and there! To ease your experience, we have made Misleading ads completely editable at your end - Please proceed to the "My Ads" section on your profile, and resubmit the ad with accurate information! Given the Ads are fully editable, you will also not be eligible for a refund.



  • Having Incorrect Contact/location details: Make sure the number you put is correct, you don’t want to miss out on any potential buyers. The right location is also helpful.





  • Looking for ads; Once you have sold your item, simply remove the ad. With fewer ads to manage, you can focus more on items yet to be sold.Reserved_looking_for_more__EN_.jpg
  • No images, no ads; No images, no ads; Ad listings with no images, blurry/unclear images or screenshots will not be activated on dubizzle. Make sure your images are crystal clear for buyers to see your item. These ads are fully editable at your end, so please head to "My Ads" section and edit the ad to accurately represent the products!No_Image__EN_.jpg
  • No watermarks; This includes company names, mobile phone numbers, online media companies, etc. Unless you are the company with the license to use the image, ads with watermarked images will be removed. However, dubizzle watermarks are allowed.Watermarks__EN_.jpg
  • Collage image; While it might look nice putting all of the images for your item in one big image, it can make it difficult for the buyers to clearly see what you are selling. Upload the images one by one and in high quality. Collage__EN_.jpg
  • Sold means sold; Sold your item on dubizzle, that’s great! There’s no need to add that in the title, description and images. Simply remove the ad to avoid confusing other users. 
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