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Tips to stay safe when rehoming or adopting a pet on dubizzle

Are you looking for a new home for your pet on dubizzle?

  • Do not share your personal information with anyone - even if they claim they are from dubizzle.

 Are you are looking for a pet to adopt on dubizzle?  

dubizzle can be a great place to find a pet to adopt, however you must always be careful of scammers. Make sure you keep these factors in mind when looking to adopt:

  • Some ads will ask for an adoption fee, shipping fee or vaccine fees. Don't send money to any individual or 3rd party, especially if the person is outside UAE or using non-UAE contact number.
  • The most common scams include sending money and never hearing from the receiver again
  • Scammers tend to make up stories of why you must wire the money to them. Often their stories are believable but don't believe it! Always meet in person when doing any business through dubizzle - it helps to avoid scammers who rely on online anonymity.


Sample photos of pet scams



What should you do if you suspect a scam?

 If you suspect a scam ad or scam attempt, don't hesitate to contact our support team immediately through the contact us form.

 Our support team will investigate the ad and block the scammer’s account.

 Stay safe & happy dubizzlin'!


Disclaimer: We always send scam warnings when you reply to sellers on the platform. As dubizzle is a platform to facilitate exchanges, any interactions that happen off the platform are the sole responsibility of the buyer and the seller.