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What is SMS Phishing?

SMS Phishing

Increasingly, SMS messages are being used as a way of tricking people into giving up their dubizzle accounts, passwords, OTPs, re-send SMS authentications and out of their identities.

The technology that powers texts enables people to put custom names in when they send messages – allowing people to pretend to be dubizzle, or anybody else.

The only time dubizzle sent out SMSs to users is to promote any products / services. For now, links embedded starts with , or  , Below is a sample SMS from dubizzle.


dubizzle will never ask you to re-confirm your identity or personal information in any of these forms. As such, the main thing is to never give any information over text message, and only use it as a way of showing alerts. You never know who is texting you, or who you are texting – so treat it with extreme caution.

The examples below are the type of Phishing through SMS: