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Phishing Attempt: is this an email that I received from dubizzle?

If you have posted an ad on dubizzle we will send you a small number of emails to keep you updated on the status of your ad.  Sometimes you may receive an email that looks like it is from dubizzle but you aren't sure.

Spoof / Phishing emails are fake emails made to look like they’ve been sent by a legitimate company. They trick people into either replying or clicking a link to reveal confidential information like bank account details or account email and passwords.

How to spot a spoof email

  • Urgency required to act on an ad or account status: Often spoof emails threaten you with removing your ad, account blocking or restrict your website access unless you reconfirm your account details.  We would never do this!
  • Sender’s email address: Email addresses are easily forged, so never assume the address that appears in the ‘From’ line is real.  Just because it says the email is from or doesn't mean it really is.
  • Links to a fake website requesting personal information: The spoof email usually contains a link to a fake website that looks like the dubizzle site. One way to tell if they’re fake is by looking at the URL (see example below). Legitimate dubizzle pages will always be on , or

Fake websites examples are as follows , Fake websites always ask for sensitive information, such as your credit card details, account name, email address or password to ‘confirm’ or ‘verify’ or ‘reactivate’ your status. Never follow instructions on such sites.

An example spoof / phishing email:


Another example of a spoof / phishing email:


Protect yourself from receiving spoof emails

Never publish your email address details publicly on any website. On dubizzle we enable you to hide your email address and opt instead to receive replies to your ad via an online reply form.  We then automatically direct the replies to your email inbox via our system.  This way we can protect you from receiving spoof emails.

How to report a spoof email

If you think you’ve received a spoof email or you’d like to report one to us, report it to us here. Copy and paste the entire contents of the email and don’t forget to include the email address it’s been sent from. We’ll have a look at it and get back to you in a few hours.