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What is a dubizzle Verification code?

A dubizzle Verification code is an added security measure. It is a compulsory second-level authentication, required from you to complete certain transactions. It further secures your dubizzle account and your current listings. Currently, the dubizzle Verification code can only be received via SMS to the mobile number you have registered with dubizzle or the number listed on your current listings.  


The dubizzle Verification code is an automated 7-digit number which you will receive via SMS from dubizzle in case of the following transactions: Editing your listing, Changing your Passwords, and Deactivating your dubizzle Account.


In case, an unauthorized person gets to know your User ID/Email and login Password, he will be unable to misuse or edit your account or your current listings without the verification code process (unless there were no mobile registered on the account/listing), as this is compulsory requirement that will prevent him from doing so.

It is Important that you do NOT share/enter the Code to Anyone or to any page other than dubizzle.


The dubizzle Verification code will be valid for 15 minutes per certain request or per session from the time of generation, after which it expires. In the case of dubizzle Verification code expiry, the transaction just needs to be cancelled by you and re-initiated where the dubizzle Verification code will be generated again.

To see how it works click HERE!

Stay safe and happy dubizzlin’!