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Scams on dubizzle

As many dubizzle users may have noticed, the scam posts on the website have increased significantly since the new version has launched. This is happening particularly in the autos section, but also in the electronics section, and occasionally in the rentals section. We're not exactly sure why there has been such an increase with the new site as our registration and security has not changed, but we can only conjecture that spammers find it more user friendly, and a more all around enjoyable experience. We're flattered in a twisted sort of way. Not so flattered, however, that we don't plan to chase them off the site with the tech equivalent of torches, clubs, and pitchforks. We are currently developing a system that should put a stop to all spam and scams that originate from outside of the UAE. This will account for over 99% of scam posts on the website.

Furthermore, we are continuously testing ways to improve security. In the mean time, however, here are some ways that you can protect yourself and others:

  • Don't send money to any individual or 3rd party. By far the most common scams include you sending money to a seller and then never hearing from them again. They make up stories of why they are out of the country and why you must wire a deposit to them or a 3rd party like I sold it. Often their stories are believable but don't believe it! Only do cash transaction in person when you can exchange money for legal ownership of the item you are buying or renting. Always meet in person when doing any business through dubizzle - it helps to avoid scammers who rely on online anonymity
  • Don't send your financial information to an individual or 3rd party. Another scam is one in which someone will ask for your financial information. This will include everything from your bank info, to a copy of a wire money transfer you recently made. They will then use this to extract money from you without you knowing. This scam will commonly be from people selling items in classifieds and jobs offered in other countries that claim they need your details to wire you your first payment. Don't give this info to anyone online!
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it's probably a scam. Most scammers will list their items (usually valuable and desired products) at a below market value. So that more people will respond to their ads, and they're more willing to take risks to land such an "amazing deal". If it sounds like a deal that's too good to be true, it's probably not true. This can also happen in the job section with foreign employers offering extremely high salaries.
  • If you find a scam ad, report it! It's really simple to do. On every ad there is a link that says "Report this Ad". All you have to do is click that, we'll be notified, and it will disappear from your screen. This not only helps us delete the ads you marked, but other ads from the scammer that may not have been reported yet. This will help protect the good people of dubizzle from falling into this trap.
  • Beware of ongoing internet scams by following local advisory. Avoid responding to WhatsApp messages about buying your product via third party links such as Aramex and Emirates post as they could lead to scams.

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For more examples please refer to "Scam alert: do not share your credit card information!"


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